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Digital Masterpieces technology for your native iOS, iPadOS and macOS app or for your Webpage.

What we do

Rendering Engine

Digital Masterpieces GmbH creates technology that allow users to create avant-garde artwork with a simple tap of a finger, empowering their creativity in producing digital masterpieces that they can call their own. This technology is now also available as a native iOS and macOS API-solution or as a Webservice. Bring your app to the next level with Digital Masterpieces BeCasso Engine.
How does it work

Function & Technology

Passion, Research, Quality

Years of passionate research and development emerged to become the most sophisticated image-abstraction filters available. Use our ML-powered award-winning technology to analyze your photos and transform them into high-quality digital art. Our designers and technical artists engineered unique filter effects with art direction in mind to allow your images to shine in a new aesthetic light. Millions of iOS users are already on board! The Digital Masterpieces BeCasso Engine enables you to deliver added value solutions to your own customers. Seamlessly integrate our Engine as API solution for iOS, iPadOS and macOS or as a Webservice.

Ease of Use and Excellent Performance

Using complex deep-tech ML-technology is no rocket science! Our software engineers and researchers took care to extract from the inherent complexity of the underlying technology. The result is an easy to integrate API and SaaS solution. Our BeCasso Engine is also engineered to make the most efficient use of modern CPUs, GPUs and Neural Engines to deliver results as fast as possible, enable a high processing throughput, and deliver you the most responsive services at scale.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Digital Masterpieces’ filter effects deliver state-of-the-art visual quality. Our ML-powered BeCasso Engine accurately mimics the appeal of laborious hand-crafted art works and media, such as comics, pencil sketches, oil paintings, watercolor paintings and illustrations. Choose from a larger catalogue of hand-crafted styles or create your own visual identity together with our experts.

Art as a Service

Are you looking for a value add solution for your printing business, or do you want to seamlessly integrate art creation and image abstraction in your content production pipeline? No problem! With our Software-as-a-Service solution, you can easily use Digital Masterpieces’ filter effects in all your daily applications. A well-documented API and an easy setup ensures the most efficient implementation into your IT infrastructure.


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