started with
one image."

"Everything started with one image."


Our history.

While completing his Masters in informatics, our CTO Frank Schlegel, created an iOS prototype that transformed images into comic caricatures. The results were so impressive that he exhibited them at the university and people started asking “Which artist created these digital prints?”. We told them an IT-student did this using only a photo and his iPhone 4S  – and they were completely taken by surprise and wanted to get their hands on the app.

Since the questions for the app and artwork did not stop, Frank and Sebastian decided to create a mobile app that would enable anyone to create digital artwork with an iPhone and iPad.

BeCasso at the Apple Platforms State of the Union 2018.

Sebastian founded Digital Masterpieces in 2013 and worked together with Frank on their first user-facing iOS app “Pic2Comic”, which was released in 2014. Although it was a very, very rough technical demonstrator, people loved the effects and appreciated our efforts to make complex technology understandable and accessible for everyone. 

This was the starting point for an ongoing journey that is still defined and led by intriguing images. Although the team behind the BeCasso app family has increased, the values that define our work remain the same.

How we work

Our values.

  1. Quality. We believe that life is too short to spend time on average apps and tasks. Thus we invest passion, time and focus to design high quality filter effects and implement them in high quality apps. We work hard so that our apps and their results are digital masterpieces.
  1. Inclusion. We love what we do and we want to share our love for technology and art creation with others. We believe that inclusion of people, ideas and technology is the most promising way to cope with challenges and create something innovative and relevant.
  1. Innovation. Innovation should not be self-purposed and not every innovation will make the world or an app better. We focus on integrating meaningful and relevant innovation that increases the quality and usability of our apps and enable our users to focus on creating their digital masterpieces.
  1. Sustainability. We don’t believe in hypes and short-term success. We believe that quality, fairness, transparency, and a reasonable usage of resources is the only way to move forward.
This is our team

About us.

We are a small team of highly skilled and passionate tech and app-enthusiasts, who love what they do and who are more than happy to share this love with our users. We are creating high-quality, easy-to-use apps that enable our users to be creative, to have fun, relax and create their own, unique and beautiful digital masterpieces.

Sebastian Pasewaldt
Founder and Engineer

Frank Rupprecht
CTO and Image Processing Engineer

Paul Schröder
iOS & Mac Engineer

Dr. Amir Semmo
R&D and Technical Artist

Maik Zarnbach
iOS & Mac Engineer
Julia Schmidt
User Satisfaction Specialist
Maryse Low Si Ming
Marketing Specialist

Ulrike Bath
iOS & Mac Engineer