Unveiling Creativity with TheAppWhisperer

Fueled by a passion for empowering users to transform everyday photos into extraordinary art, we embarked on a collaborative journey with TheAppWhisperer. Recognizing the shared love for photography and image editing, we envisioned a contest to ignite creativity, celebrate artistic expression, and push the boundaries of mobile photography. And thus, the Digital Masterpieces & TheAppWhisperer Photography Awards took flight!

The call to action resonated globally, attracting a wave of talented photographers. They submitted breathtaking entries, showcasing unique perspectives, masterful editing techniques, and a captivating diversity of styles. Choosing the winners was a delightful challenge, and each image sparked lively discussions among our panel of expert judges.

Presenting the Winners!


Anthony’s captivating portrait stood out for several reasons. Firstly, the original photo’s composition expertly framed the subject, drawing the viewer’s eye directly to them. Secondly, their skilful use of our Color Splash Auto Retouch tool of our Clip2Comic app effectively isolated the subject and enhanced their presence. Finally, the editing was remarkably clean, preserving fine details like the texture of the subject’s hat while seamlessly applying the comic book aesthetic.

Anthony Armstrong, CLIP2COMIC
Clip2Comic, Comic
Digital Masterpieces Street Photography Award Winner

Craig’s submission immediately caught our attention. The composition was masterful, centering a beautifully classic door as the focal point. The intricate details of the door and its timeless design, spoke volumes – making it the perfect subject for his photograph. But it was Craig’s discerning choice of a Graphite pencil sketch style that elevated the piece. The stark lines and shading style perfectly captured the door’s aged character. His decision to render the image on a slightly yellowed paper added a final touch of vintage charm. This thoughtful combination of elements earned Craig the well-deserved win in the category.

craig j satterlee, Graphite

What we liked about Janice’s submission is that it had a subtle charm to it and with it, she carefully framed the kitchen counter, highlighting the utensils and candles on it. Her use of an oil painting style from Oilbrush made the image stand out even more. The soft brush style and cool blue tones created a sense of quietness. The candles and the utensils took on a delicate, painted look. Janice’s choices brought a feeling of peacefulness, which contrasted nicely with the usual activity of a kitchen.

Oilbrush, Still Life
Digital Masterpieces Landscape Photography Award Winner

Joern’s piece captured our attention with its combination of a stunning beach landscape and its unique artistic style that was applied to it. The oil pen technique of our Graphite app allowed him to create intricate details that brought the sand, waves, and the sky in the scene to life. The flow depicted in the image almost looks synthetic, but was ultimatively created by an interplay of nature and our painting technique. This combination made the photo stand out from the rest in the landscape category, as the style furthermore created a sense of peaceful tranquility. 

Landscape, Photography
Digital Masterpieces Architecture Photography Award Winner

Julide’s submission earned the top spot in the architecture photography category due to her artful composition and skillful use of a waterbrush technique. The picturesque framing of the walkway, flowers, and house was beautifully enhanced by the watercolor style, which added a sense of warmth and softness. This artistic touch emphasized the charming inviting atmosphere and textured details of the flowers and trees.

Julide Ersin, waterbrush
Digital Masterpieces Nature Photography Award Winner

We loved Fiona’s photo for its perfect blend of humor and artistry. The snapshot of a dog with its head adorably stuck in a pet door immediately grabs attention with its lighthearted charm. Her use of a watercolor effect from our Waterbrush app and soft cotton paper elevates the image further, creating a delicate and dreamy look. The softening through watercolour created a gentle and visually pleasing piece that perfectly balanced humour with artistic sensibility, making Fiona’s submission a delightful winner in the Nature photography segment.

Fiona Christian, Waterbrush
Dog, Nature, Waterbrush, Watercolor

The Digital Masterpieces & TheAppWhisperer Photography Awards spanned over two months, attracting roughly 100 entries from photographers around the world. The competition focused on showcasing artistic expression through mobile photography, and submissions included diverse subjects like cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, and nature scenes. The variety of entries presented a challenge for the judges, each image demonstrating unique perspectives and skilful editing techniques. Check out the App Whisperer Website to see the runner ups of for each category.

We deeply appreciate the collaboration with TheAppWhisperer and extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants. In recognition of their exceptional talent, all category winners were awarded a lifetime license of BeCasso. Additionally, their stunning artwork will be showcased within our apps, inspiring our active community upon launching the app. Most excitingly, each winner will have the unique opportunity to create and name their own style for an upcoming BeCasso app update, leaving a lasting impact on our creative tools. We look forward to continuing this journey, inspiring even more photographers and artists to unleash their inner creativity and embrace the transformative power of digital art.

Together, let’s continue to unlock the magic of everyday moments and transform them into lasting masterpieces!