Craft Your Unique Vision: Introducing Custom Styles

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting news about our latest app update, and trust us, this one is a game-changer. We have taken your feedback to heart, recognizing that everyone possesses a unique artistic sensibility. That’s why we are rolling out our innovative Custom Styles feature. With Custom Styles you can create your own styles within our app, personalising our app to your taste and massively saving time during image editing.

In this blog post we will shortly outline how this new feature works and how it will enable you to customise our app to your personal taste and drastically reduce the editing time, while improving reproducibility, which comes in very handy for larger art projects. You can also check out this video to see the new feature in action.

Sculpt Your Style, Your Way

Our app already comes equipped with an incredible range of curated styles, each meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding results. That is why we empower you to personalize these gems with surgical precision. Dive into the Adjust tool, where subtle tweaks to color, texture, and lighting breathe new life into each style. Apply Color, Canvas, and Vignette to modify your image’s color, texture, and focus.  And the best part? These personalized masterpieces aren’t fleeting. With our latest update, you can capture your unique touch as a Custom Style, and be ready to be summoned with a single click for future projects. Build a library of your artistic styles, each echoing a different facet of your creative spirit. From bold, high-contrast portraits to soft, dreamy landscapes, the realm of customization is your boundless canvas. Let’s see how it works.

How It Works: A Seamless Creative Journey

Commence with the Perfect Foundation:

Choose from our curated styles that captivate your artistic sense. For instance, let’s stick with the Oil Pen, Black and White style, since this is one of my most favourite styles. Although, I like the structure introduced of the style and it’s general appeal, I prefer colored styles more. So let’s start the editing process.

Tailor to Your Preferences:

Using the Editing tools of Graphite, I start with increasing the saturation to turn the black-and-white artwork into a colorful rendition. In addition, I choose a different canvas that is slightly lighter, since it fits more to my personal taste.

Accentuate Your Stroke:

Now lets fine tune the actual strokes of the pencil style. For this, I use the Adjust-Tool of Graphite. I slightly reduce the smudge parameter to get more crisps strokes. In addition, I increase the stroke amount to get more broader and slightly rougher strokes. As a result, I have increased the roughness of the curated Oil Pen style, creating a totally new style that fits more to my taste.

Save and Reuse:

As soon as a curated style has been edited, a new style is added to the beginning of the style selection menu. With a simple tap on the small plus button, my Custom Style is born. I can give it a name and save it! Now I can use it on every new picture, saving precious time and ensuring consistency across my creations.

Your Style, Anywhere, Anytime

With Custom Styles, your artistic playground expands across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Turn your portrait into a sketch with adjustments on your iPhone’s touch screen, then reuse that same style on your Macbook for another photo that is logged in that device. Your Custom Styles teleport between devices like magic, always at your fingertips. Your creativity transcends devices, letting you paint the world with your unique touch, wherever you go.

Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips

You can create as many Custom Styles as your heart desires, massively extending the already impressive list of curated styles. Custom Styles will help you to be much more efficient with our apps and in addition customise the app to your personal taste. Express yourself freely and witness how every stroke, hue, and detail come together to bring your artistic vision to life. So embrace the artist within, paint your vision into existence, and let your creativity flow, stroke by breathtaking stroke.

"Your Idea, Your Style, Your App."

Our mantra is simple but powerful. This update empowers you to extend and customize the styles of our app to suit your taste. Your creations should be a reflection of your unique perspective, and with Custom Styles, we’re putting the tools in your hands to make that happen effortlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of endless possibilities with our latest app update. Shape your creativity, and let your imagination run free!

Download the update now and make every creation distinctly yours. After all, it’s not just an app – it’s your creative playground.

Custom Styles is currently available only on Graphite, Clip2Comic, Oilbrush, and Waterbrush.