BeCasso: Turning AI Images into Art

In the dynamic world of digital art, the synergy between technology and creativity has given rise to a revolution in artistic possibilities. At the core of this transformative movement is Generative AI, a groundbreaking technology that redefines the boundaries of human and machine-generated content. Generative AI has the remarkable ability to produce images, text, and even music that closely resemble the work of human creators.

Generative AI encompasses a wide range of creative applications, from text generation tools like GPT-3 to image generation models such as DALL-E and VQ-VAE-2. GPT-3, for instance, can generate coherent and contextually relevant text, making it a powerful tool for content creation and automation. DALL-E and VQ-VAE-2 focus on image generation, producing visually compelling and imaginative images based on textual prompts. These innovations have given birth to a new era of creative possibilities, where the lines between human and AI-generated content are increasingly blurred.

Dall-E generated images.

BeCasso, in particular, harnesses the potential of Generative AI to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and artistic expression. While it doesn’t create AI images from scratch, it is a versatile tool that can take existing AI-generated images and transform them into captivating, visually striking artworks, with the power of AI as well. This app boasts a diverse array of artistic filters, styles, and effects inspired by renowned artists and art movements, empowering users to infuse their AI-generated images with a unique and distinctive artistic flair. In this blog post, we will explore how BeCasso leverages the power of Generative AI to elevate your creative vision and delve into the ways it can transform your digital artwork.

BeCasso bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and artistic expression. While Generative AI truly excels in media creation, BeCasso excels in media transformation, adding extra value to it. This is particularly evident when dealing with images generated by Generative AI, as certain drawbacks, such as low resolution or visual flaws, have not been addressed yet. In the following section, we will explain these challenges and demonstrate how our app can effectively mitigate them.

Benefits of Using BeCasso App for AI Image Transformation
Creativity Unleashed

BeCasso opens up a world of creative possibilities by empowering users to harness the power of AI-generated images. Consider the case of a digital artist who uses an AI-generated landscape image as the foundation for a digital painting. While the AI generates a stunning input image, the artist employs BeCasso to infuse their unique artistic style, adding vibrant brush strokes, colors, and textures. The result is a breathtaking digital masterpiece that seamlessly combines AI-generated accuracy with human creativity.

after-image before-image
after-image before-image
Fast and Efficient

BeCasso’s transformation process is fast and efficient, allowing your artistic vision to materialize within seconds. Consider a scenario where a designer utilizes an AI-generated urban skyline image. Occasionally, the AI tool may introduce minor distortions at the edges of the architecture. BeCasso swiftly applies artistic filters to not only rectify these imperfections but also elevate the image’s overall aesthetic appeal, making it ready for publication or exhibition.

Using Generative AI can be a laborious and time-consuming endeavor, as generating the perfect image relies on an iterative trial-and-error process. One must specify the prompt for image generation, submit it, and then endure a waiting period of several seconds – often without receiving the desired image on the first attempt. This process may need to be repeated until satisfaction is achieved. In contrast, BeCasso offers interactive tools with immediate visual feedback, enabling a more efficient and easily comprehensible approach for implementing your creative ideas.

Artistic Exploration

BeCasso invites you to explore an array of art movements and styles, from Renaissance to Pop Art. Consider an art history enthusiast who utilizes AI-generated images inspired by renowned artworks. BeCasso acts as a versatile tool for recreating iconic styles while allowing users to experiment with their artistic interpretations. This artistic journey through time sparks curiosity and creativity, offering a hands-on experience with art history.

Fixing Visual Flaws

Using artistic stylisation, BeCasso can repair your original AI-generated images. A professional designer or marketer, for instance, might use AI tools to generate images of models or landscapes. However, these AI-generated images may occasionally feature slight distortions, such as unnatural facial features or irregularities in the background. While this is a deal breaker for real world photos, it becomes less important, less noticable or even a valuable feature for digital paintings. BeCasso art styles hide these flaws while preserving the original image’s core composition and structure, maintaining the integrity of the shot.

after-image before-image

The image has been effectively brightened, imperfections smoothened, and various artifacts on the building have been cleared.

High-Resolution Enhancement and Retouching

Generative AI mostly creates images with a lower resolution, which hinders the utilisation for large scale prints. With BeCasso you are able to create artistic renditions of up to 64 MP. The app’s capacity to increase image resolution up to 64MP is a game-changer for artists, especially those who require large-scale printing and massive digital productions. Imagine a professional producer who uses AI-generated images for a commercial project that includes billboards and posters. The ability to upscale the image resolution ensures that the final prints maintain exceptional clarity and detail, enhancing the overall impact of the campaign.

Our app’s retouching and adjustment features address any distortions present in the original AI-generated image. This capability allows you to correct issues such as distorted facial features, irregularities in buildings, or unusual artifacts. The result is a more visually appealing image that retains the essence of the original while enhancing its artistic appeal.

Auto-Retouch Function

BeCasso’s Auto Retouch function is a time-saving feature that simplifies the image editing process. Users can seamlessly smooth skin, abstract background details, remove backgrounds entirely, enhance the foreground, and create striking color splashes. For instance, a portrait photographer can use the Auto Retouch function to eliminate imperfections in the subject’s skin and add a color splash effect to make the subject pop against a desaturated background. This feature streamlines the retouching process and ensures that AI-generated images achieve a polished, professional look with minimal effort.

In the ever-evolving realm of digital art, the fusion of technology and creativity has ushered in a renaissance of artistic possibilities. Generative AI stands at the forefront, offering remarkable potential for crafting images that closely emulate the work of human creators. While its contributions are undeniably transformative, the process isn’t without its shortcomings. AI-generated images sometimes bear minor imperfections or are limited in resolution, presenting challenges that need to be addressed. 

With BeCasso, you have  the perfect companion to Generative AI, seamlessly bridging the gap between technology and artistic expression. It excels in refining AI-generated images, correcting flaws, and infusing them with an artistic touch. This dynamic interplay between the capabilities of Generative AI and BeCasso paves the way for limitless creativity and efficiency in your digital artwork endeavors. Elevate your creations, address the drawbacks of Generative AI, and embrace the boundless potential that the combination of both tools offers. The future of digital art has never looked more promising. 

BeCasso app is only available on the Apple App Store.