Travel Photo Book and Poster Hacks – In Comic!

Always wanted to create that travel photo book or poster to keep your memories physically? And even stylise it in comic and be protagonist in your very own comic book styled photo book? We have your back! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to begin on your photo book journey!

1. Organise Your Photos

Every good photo book compilation, needs a properly organised set of photos. Compile everything together, photos from your iPhone, DSLR, friends and family members, and organise them by the sequence of your trip. Label the file names in a number sequence if it helps you better to process images – we highly recommend this so it’s easier to track your files while processing!

2. Create or Download Templates

If you have had experience in creating comic styled templates, brilliant! This step can be skipped. But to make things simpler and to save time, there are ready-made comic templates and text boxes available online for download, and we highly recommend Shutterstock – one of our favourite resources – to get ready-made templates and background images for designing, or even try Canva, one of the top resources for all things design these days. Adobe Express also offers comic templates that are handy to create the comic look you will be looking for as well. Below are some examples of what can be downloaded for a better idea.

3. Start Editing!

For starters, we would recommend using Adobe Photoshop – incredibly useful and easy to start with, and a ton of helpful tutorials online that would aid in the basics of using Photoshop to create your desired images. Personally, I have created some samples from a trip with Clip2Comic┬ávisiting my favourite football club in the world, coupled with the “Comics Silver Age” filter. I love how it reminds me of the Marvel Daredevil comics back in the day – reminiscent of its intense saturation and texture in its images. I also added text descriptions and comic-styled icons to enhance the comic look to it.

4. Make it Digital with a FlipBook or Print It!

Now, with the comic pages done, depending on what you prefer for where you would like to display your work – digitally, or simply printing it – there are many ways go about. For digital uploads, there are online Flipbooks that are free for uploading images and turning them into digital books/magazines which can be easily shared with family, or friends – and would require for it to be converted into PDF files for upload. Otherwise, there are local providers that would help print -photo books – or you can also print with our partner, CanvasPop, affordable solution to print posters and art, with the option to add frames to your images.

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