The Trends in AI Art Portraits

In the recent weeks, we have seen the rise of AI Art portraits being generated across various social media platforms – through friends, family, and even strangers on feeds of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. TikTok has even created AI Manga filters which everyone across the app would have seen or tried. Also, we saw a sharp increase of AI Portrait Apps across AppStore, occupying top positions of Photo & Video charts as well as being the talk of the town across tech websites and AppStore features.

We have tried a couple of these apps for ourselves, and found it rather interesting in the images we have generated. The process of generating them is very simple and fast, and with that it is truly understandable why the mass public has taken a huge interest in AI generated portraits. What users have to do is to upload 10 – 20 images taken of themselves, with their faces shown in full view, and the apps will generate images of them in random art styles and different themes. Some apps even go further into allowing you to pick the art style, themes you want, and even fusing your looks with famous celebrities.

Images are generated from Lensa AI and Dawn AI.

That said, the only downside is if there are certain details you do not like in the images, users cannot fully control the editing of the images through the apps. These apps only provide “black box” editing, with tools and controls being on a very high level, whilst contrary to ours providing “white box” editing and tools for artistic control on lower level. Hence this is where our apps come into the picture, more specifically, with Clip2Comic.

With our latest update, aside to the rendering core we have introduced, we also included 9 brand new comic art styles, giving users a larger variety of comic editing styles to choose from, going back to past reliving the comic silver and golden ages, or even trying out the trendiest styles – and one of our favorite styles is the Pastel preset that gives you the closest look you wish to achieve from AI art, but the best part is, you can use your own images with the filter, and edit them to its finest details.

Some styles from Clip2Comic.

Specific details can be further fine-tuned within the app, with Retouch and Adjust functionalities to give your photos a cleaner look, or to remove any outlines or increase the detailing in specific parts of an image.

after-image before-image
after-image before-image

Remove dark spots or wrinkles with Retouching the outlines or details, or simply clear up the texture of the skin by adjusting a softer look for the images.

If you enjoy cosplaying, or dressing up for photos, our Pastel filter gives you the perfect finish to your looks – to create your desired look for your photo collection! Below are more pictures to better showcase the capabilities of the Pastel filter, giving the 3D art look to your portraits. Moreover, images can be exported up to 64MP, a huge difference from the pure AI generative art apps!

Impressed with Clip2Comic so far? You can download Clip2Comic for free on AppStore now!

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