Create with BeCasso Family of Apps!

With our new rendering core making its way with its implementation across the apps, we have came up with some handy ideas on how you can make full use of our apps’ new functionality, the image export of up to 64 mega-pixels. Our apps are built to empower you to explore and expand your creativity in different ways, below are some ways you can enjoy our apps to create that perfect art for yourself!

1. Perfect for Printing

Turn your favorite memories into perfect pieces of wall art, anywhere you want it to be! With our new functionality of image exports of up to 64 mega-pixels, you can now create large prints for displays in your living rooms, bedrooms, or even in your workspace! The images can also be saved in different file versions – HEIC and JPEG formats are perfect to send your images to an online printer, or simply use lossless formats as TIFF or PNG for your digital production workflows. You can even customize your signature at the corner of the artwork to give it that flair of an actual masterpiece!

2. Tote Bags

Have that image of your favorite pet you wish to keep by your side at all times, or want to start that side hustle to earn some extra pocket money? Edit your images with our apps, and export it in the format you need for printing. You can even select a canvas to add some texture to your art, or import transparent images, making it easier to design specific shapes or sizes, and also to test how it looks like on different colored backgrounds after exporting the images. We provide the best tools for detailing any parts of your art through the Retouch tool, to enable you add that extra edge to the art you are creating.

3. Postcard

Use the images on your travel journeys, or that seasonal family group picture and send it as a postcard! With limited designs at touristy shops, you can create your own postcard as you travel in a fuss-free way, and easily send it to a friend, or family members as you are on the go. With the seamless integration of our partner, services at MyPostcard, after editing your image, on the export page, simply press “Send As A Postcard”, and you will be directed to a page with instructions and information on how you can send the postcard out. What’s more, is that the cost to send is as low as $2.69 per print, so what are you waiting for?

after-image before-image

4. Coloring Paper

Do you love coloring, or have a kids’ party to prepare for – and need a quick and convenient way to create coloring paper? Or do you want to create your own coloring book using daily pictures you own? With our apps, you can do this effortlessly in a matter of minutes, and easily print it off your own computer, or send them to the printers to create that coloring you’ve always wanted.  Simply pick styles that would be able to give the black and white look, and increase the detailing, or thin the outlines of the images to give you the right fit for creating the coloring pages.

Create your own coloring paper with  Clip2Comic Scaled
Create your own coloring paper with Clip2Comic Scaled

Stay tuned for more creative ideas on how you can fully leverage on our BeCasso family of apps, to create and innovate in your own daily lives!

The BeCasso family of apps include,BeCasso, Clip2Comic, Waterbrush, Oilbrush, ArtCard and Graphite. They are available for download on App Store now.