Innovative Art Creations.

ArtCard transforms every photo instantly into a stunning piece of art with ease. Create beautiful pictures to try out different painting styles and play around with various photo filters with ArtCard.

Get Inspired!

ArtCard’s aim is to inspire you in using state-of-the-art technology with image stylization in high-resolution to create that perfect piece of art. Choose from 35 different art styles, including styles from famous artists as well as traditional image filtering techniques that includes oil painting, watercolor or cartoon effects to give you accessibility to create beautiful art, when and where you want.
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Easy Edits

Wish to adjust the intensity of the art filters on your image, or simply transform your image into a black and white artwork? You can do that with ease with a simple tap of a finger on the adjustment tabs, and enhancements to your artwork is instantly made!

Postcard Friendly

Whilst using the simplest tools on Artcard to transform your images into art, our app is also integrated seamlessly with MyPostcard and CanvasPop so you can easily send your finished artwork as a real postcard to family and friends, for as low as $1.99!

Posterize Your Art!

Print in maximum resolution and create arty posters out of the masterpieces you have produced from ArtCard! With high resolution export of up to 64 mega-pixels, turn your house into an art gallery filled with beautiful creations from the app!

Endless creative possibilities.

Upgrade to the Premium Version to have full control over every aspect of your own painting!

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Unique Styles3535
Utilize different styles and effects available for everyone. Choose and decide which art styles you would like for your images to be beautified!
High-resolution Exportsup to 2MPup to 64MP
Export is suitable for social media sharing only.Export in high definition for your printing and digital production needs.
Watermark ✔︎
Default ArtCard watermark will be included in pictures.No watermark in exported pictures.
Privacy Assured ✔︎ ✔︎
All images edited from the app is private for your own usage only.

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