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Clip2Comic is a high-quality, high-resolution picture editing app that transforms your photos into funny cartoons, caricatures and sketches in a matter of seconds directly on your iPhone or iPad. Prefer videos? Create your own cartoon and comic clips with our live preview camera, or simply make a cartoon out of an existing video with just one tap.


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Motion Comic

Always wanted to be the protagonist in your very own comic-styled clip? Now, you have the chance to do it with Clip2Comic! Choose from 24 different comic styles to apply to your videos, and be able to export up to 4K in resolution for saving or sharing, or even creating a video collage!

Stand Out!

Clip2Comic enables you to easily maneuver different comic styles in the images or videos you choose to edit. From old-school comic styles to the trendy pop-art image styles used predominantly in pop-culture today, Clip2Comic is the go-to app for all comic-style edits.

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Absolute Control

We designed Clip2Comic to empower everyday users like yourself to create cartoon art with a simple tap of a finger. Our technology enables you to have maximum control over every aspect of your comic art creations. Retouch specific areas of the images to add or increase more details and outlines. Reimagining your images and videos in comic has never been easier.

Caricature Yourself!

Fascinated with the caricature street artists? You can now create your very own caricature art with Clip2Comic‘s  “Deform” function. Amazing transformations await you! Create caricature art for family parties or office functions, or even in your own time to produce fun and hilarious portraits!

Frame Your Art!

Show off your finished creations from Clip2Comic by framing your images up! You are now able to export up to 64 mega pixels  – perfect on canvas, mass printing or even for display on your high definition TV. High quality digital art has never been more handy.

Endless Creative Possibilities.

Upgrade to the Premium Version to have full control over every aspect of your own painting!

Get your upgrade!

Unique Styles2424
Utilize different styles and effects available for everyone. Choose and decide which art styles you would like for your images to be beautified!
High-resolution Image Exportsup to 2MPup to 64MP
Export is suitable for social media sharing only.Export in high definition for your printing and digital production needs.
High-resolution Video Exportsup to 540pup to 4k
Export is suitable for social media sharing only.Export in high definition for YouTube or large-scale media productions.
Tone Controls ✔︎ ✔︎
Enhance your images using brightness, saturate, contrast, highlight and more!
Adjust Watermarks ✔︎
Default Clip2Comic watermark will be included in pictures.Remove watermarks, or even create your own signature!
Adjust Your Style ✔︎
Utilize specific tools to adjust your images accordingly.
Retouch ✔︎
Edit specific areas of your images to increase its brightness, contours, details and more.
Magic Eraser✔︎
Remove imperfections from your photos with a simple swipe of your finger or Apple Pencil.
Create Caricatures ✔︎
Use the “Deform” feature to create funny caricatures.
Color Filters ✔︎
Choose from up to 49 color filters to set the mood of your images.
Privacy Assured ✔︎ ✔︎
All images edited from the app is private for your own usage only.

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